A simple conversation, longer term therapy, psychiatry and everything in between. Our team of hand-picked practitioners is here for you.

Finding help when you need it should be easy. It’s often not.

At ProblemShared, we provide access to a wide choice of qualified mental health professionals, from the convenience of your home and at a time that suits you, via our secure video platform.

We are a network of counsellors and psychiatrists, all highly qualified and specifically chosen, ready to help in the language of your choice, whenever you need. We use technology and a gold standard clinical approach to provide you with flexibility and choice.

And that can make all the difference.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

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what we do

Provide secure 1 to 1 video sessions with counsellors & psychiatrists

Enable treatment for all mental health issues with no need to travel

Bring together a hand-picked network of UK registered & vetted mental health professionals

Enable you to choose your mental health practitioner, based on the language they speak, their gender and their cultural background

Ensure flexible availability of therapists from 8am with evening sessions to 9pm

Partner with universities and businesses to increase their access to mental health professionals for students and employees

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"There were all these problems I needed to work through, and then I was told to wait for two months. It just felt unfair. With ProblemShared it felt like I had gone to the front of the queue."

Julia, Derby