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We’re a clinician-led mental health service that enables you to meet the needs of your clients in increasingly challenging times. With modern care moving online, we provide you with all the tools you need to provide excellent care.
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

What is ProblemShared?
How can you help me?
It's an emergency, what should I do?
What conditions do you treat?
What issues can ProblemShared help me with?
How do I choose a ProblemShared talk therapist who is right for me?
How do I get the most from my ProblemShared talk therapy sessions?
Is online therapy effective?
What’s the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, a counsellor and a coach?
Will I have the same counsellor or psychiatrist throughout my time with ProblemShared?
What do I need to do to see a mental health practitioner?
I have been through my treatment reviews and I am now awaiting a response from my GP on shared care. How is the medication shortage affecting this?
Can you prescribe medication?
Which ADHD medications are there currently a shortage of?
How does the ADHD medication shortage affect my treatment?
When did the ADHD medication shortage start?
What is the reason for the shortage?
How long does ProblemShared anticipate the ADHD medication shortage lasting?
What should I do If I can’t get my child’s ADHD medication?
Will my ADHD assessment be going ahead, despite the news of the medication shortage?
I have just received a diagnosis from ProblemShared for ADHD, when will I have my treatment planning session?
I have a treatment planning session booked, is this still going ahead due to the ADHD medication shortage?
I am currently taking medication prescribed by ProblemShared, but I am worried about my medication running out. What should I do?
There are still pockets of supply for some ADHD medication, so why won’t ProblemShared prescribe? I know my local pharmacy has my medication because I checked with them.
Why won’t ProblemShared write me a prescription for ADHD medication so that I can source the supply? I have found an online supplier of my ADHD medication.
I am prepared to pay more privately for my ADHD medication, can ProblemShared write a prescription for me?
Is it safe to just stop taking my ADHD medication?
Can I be referred back to the NHS?
Can my treatment be paid for by the NHS?
Who regulates ProblemShared?
Do you record sessions?
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