Referring your patient

Here, you can learn more about our digital referral process, suitability criteria, wait list, shared care policy, and risk information.

Start a referral

Completing your patient’s self-report form

Your patient needs to complete a self-report form that you will submit on their behalf to us as part of the referral process.

The self-report form can be completed in one of two ways:

  • Patient-led

    • Your patient provides you with a completed self-report form.
    • You or your support team can then upload it within our digital referral process.
  • GP-led

    • You wish to refer a patient but they have no self-report form.
    • You can complete the digital self-report form with your patient during an appointment, or capture the results on paper and then upload them. Download the form here.
    • Completing the self-report form can take up to 10 minutes, so it may not be possible to finish it within an appointment slot. Therefore, you are welcome to begin the process with your patient, and if time runs out, retain the information and complete it later.
  • Further support

    If you have any specific questions or concerns, you can email us at: or call us on 0203 835 2900

How to refer your patient to our service

Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • 1

    Your patient requests a referral

    • Your patient presents their completed self-report form to you.
    • They ask to be referred to ProblemShared for an assessment.
    Patient doesn’t have a completed self-report form?  >
  • 2

    You make the referral

    • Check that your patient meets the suitability criteria for our service.
    • Complete our digital referral process.
    Check suitability criteria  >
  • 3

    Patient begins enrolment

    • You will receive email confirmation that we have received your referral.
    • We will then ask your patient to provide us with some important enrolment information.
  • 4

    The referral is reviewed

    • Our clinical team will review the referral.
    • If accepted, your patient will be asked to complete some pre-assessment forms.
    • When they have done so, they will join our wait list.
  • 5

    We provide ongoing care

    • We will communicate with you and your patient throughout the entire journey to assessment.
    • If your patient fails to respond to our communications, or is not accepted into our service for any reason, we will notify you by email.

Patient suitablility for our service

As a responsible healthcare provider, we cannot accept patients into our service who do not meet our suitability criteria. ProblemShared carry out our assessments online.

  • Please read each drop-down carefully and ensure each one before declaring eligibility
Clinical suitability
Wait list and risk information

Do you declare that you have read our suitability criteria and that your patient is eligible for our service?

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