Who We Are

We’re really pleased you have decided to visit us at ProblemShared. ProblemShared was founded to provide better access to mental health services over a convenient and affordable platform. It is anchored in best practice principles and offers a safe place for people in need to seek help.
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As an Accident and Emergency doctor across the UK and Ireland, our CEO and Founder, Nick, encountered first-hand the significant and ever-growing caseload of clients suffering from mental health issues that could and should have been managed in the community. The challenging economic environment has reduced the availability of key frontline services in mental health and increased waiting lists which have combined to drive an increase in both the severity and volume of cases arriving in our hospitals.

Consequently, Nick and his wife Tika have established a compassionate and caring team that seeks to redress the balance and provide access to the highest quality mental health professionals from anywhere with an internet connection.

We are here to support our counsellors and psychiatrists who form the absolute core of the service. We strongly believe that the journey is a communal one.

If you have questions or ideas about how you think we could better address your needs, please click here to share, as this is the only way we will be able to deliver a truly supportive, effective, caring and learning service.

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