Download and complete your self-report forms

If you are seeking assessments for both autism and ADHD, you will need to complete two forms: an AQ-10 for autism and an ASRS for ADHD.

1. Please provide your details to access forms

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2. Download your forms

AQ-10 (aged 18+)

Form for adults aged 18 and over seeking an autism assessment

ASRS (aged 18+)

Form for adults aged 18+ seeking an ADHD assessment

Support resources

Our support materials to make the process of seeking a referral as simple as possible.

What happens next?

  • When you have completed your self-report form(s), please give it to your GP.
  • Your GP will submit it to our clinical team on your behalf, as part of the referral process.
  • We will send you an email when we have reviewed your referral to inform you of next steps.

Timeline of our assessment process through Right to Choose

Here’s what you can expect from your assessment journey:

  • 1

    You’ll be placed on our wait list

    • Once your referral has been accepted and we receive some pre-assessment information from you, you will be placed on our wait list.
  • 2

    You’ll receive an assessment date

    • When the duration of our wait list has elapsed, we will notify you of the date of your assessment and the time of each session.
    • We provide same-day diagnosis to clients where possible.
  • 3

    You’ll have your assessment

    • Your assessment will consist of several sessions, on the same day where possible, overseen by our clinical team.
  • 4

    You’ll receive your assessment outcome

    • You will be given the outcome of your assessment on the same day where possible.
    • We will send you a full assessment report 4-6 weeks after this.
  • 5

    You’ll be offered post-diagnostic care

    • If you are diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental condition you will be offered ongoing support, including ADHD medication (where appropriate) and psychoeducation.
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