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Client updates

Long term supplies remain uncertain - 20/11/23

We have contacted each of our clients individually, and discussed the possibility of switching their medication where appropriate.

Long term supplies of Lisdexamfetamine (Elvanse) and Atomoxetine (Strattera) remain uncertain.

As a responsible healthcare provider, we are following government guidance, which has not changed since the shortage began. This means that we are still not prescribing medication to any new clients.

Methyphenidate supply stabilised — 20/10/23

We have received assurance this week that the stock levels of Methyphenidate (Concerta XL, Xenidate XL, Matoride XL, Xaggitin, Equasym XL, Medikinet XL) have stabilised.  

Unfortunately, there are still supply issues with Lisdexamfetamine (Elvanse) and Atomoxetine (Strattera). 

What does this mean for you or your child?

We are looking to resume prescribing medication as soon as we are able:

  1. If you have been prescribed Methylphenidate by us, and currently have your treatment on hold, we will call you next week to book in a review appointment. At your review appointment, your prescriber will discuss the options available to you, depending on your specific circumstances.
  1. If you have been prescribed Lisdexamfetamine or Atomoxetine by us, and your treatment is on hold, we will call you to book in your next review appointment. During this appointment, your prescriber will discuss with you whether switching to another medication is a clinically appropriate alternative for you.
  1. If you are waiting to have a treatment planning appointment, this will go ahead as normal. Your options will be fully explained to you in the appointment. However, please be aware that we are still unable to resume prescribing for any new clients, in accordance with the government safety alert. 

ADHD medication shortage alert — 2/10/23

There is a global shortage of the following ADHD medications:

  • Lisdexamfetamine (Elvanse)
  • Atomoxetine (Strattera)
  • Methyphenidate (Concerta XL, Xenidate XL, Matoride XL, Xaggitin, Equasym XL, Medikinet XL)

As a result, supply reliability is significantly affected.  In order to maintain clinical safety, ProblemShared will be advising all clients to take a break from medication. We will not be prescribing ADHD medications until reliable provision of medication can resume.

Please be assured that every effort is being made to find a resolution.  While the issue is out of our control, we will do everything we can to support you through this time.

If the medication shortage affects you or your child, you will have received email communication from us advising you on how to proceed with alternative treatment options.  For further information, please read the FAQs further down this page, or download our guide to navigating the ADHD medication shortage.

Our resources

ADHD medication shortage guide

Some suggested coping mechanisms from our clinical team that might help to manage your symptoms during the medication shortage

Download our guide

Employer ADHD medication letter

A pre-written letter to take to your employer to inform them of the ADHD medication shortage

Download employer letter

School ADHD medication letter

A pre-written letter to take to your child’s school to inform them of the ADHD medication shortage

Download school letter

Further support

If you’re a client and have any specific questions or concerns, you can email us at: adhdmedication@problemshared.net

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