Vision & standards

Our vision

We work on a best practice foundation. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our network of professionals are highly trained, registered with a suitable professional body, and vetted by us.

We also insist on further standards that accord with our approach to practice. Everyone in our network is known to us personally and is experienced and comfortable in the online space. We also have many professionals fluent in different languages and at ease in various cultural settings.

ProblemShared online user

Our technology is highly secure. It is also reliable and easy to use.

Our vision is not only to reach out and help individuals seeking support. We also work with universities, therapy practices, and wider businesses as a trusted partner to help broaden access to mental health services for their students, clients, and employees.

Our standards

As a starting point, all our practitioners are highly trained, registered with a suitable professional body and vetted by us. They must also all have passed a recent Disclosure and Barring check. We go further, insisting on the additional criteria below:

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