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ProblemShared has been built to enhance access to the highest quality mental healthcare and neurodevelopmental support.

We are here to support you as a University Counselling Service working to meet the growing demand for care.

We have a community of exceptional quality practitioners who are available to provide capacity, diversity, and additional specialisms to your embedded counselling services through a secure and stable video conferencing platform.

ProblemShared has been built to enable and enhance access to the highest quality mental healthcare.

For our university partners

We provide personalised care to better equip people to take the next step in their mind health journey.

Seamless integration with embedded services

Our practitioners work with you and your team to enable you to expand capacity and diversity when you need it

Experienced and diverse practitioners

Speaking over 30 languages collectively, with multiple specialisms (including CBT, DBT, EMDR) and from a range of cultural backgrounds

Real-time information flows

Intuitive dashboards enable you to manage your wait list, triage and track your students’ progress, and reduce administration time

Student safety at our core

As a CQC-regulated service, our rigorous and collaborative approach to safeguarding keeps you at the centre of your students’ care

I had definitely considered leaving or deferring before the mental health support I received, and accessibility outside of normal hours was brilliant
The counselling I received has enabled me to continue with my studies and regain my confidence
The counselling was great – something I looked forward to during the week and it really helped
ProblemShared are so incredible that I now sleep at night
University administrator

How it works

How it Works


Choose to access to our full network of specialist counsellors to support your existing service, or hand-pick practitioners by therapeutic modality to fulfil specific requirements

How it Works - Set up


Enrol and match, manage and review student progress through our dashboard with clear data flows and live feedback

How it Works - Direct


Students book appointments and connect to their practitioners via our secure video platform at a time convenient to them and their studies

How it Works - Empower


Collaborative safeguarding and DNA reporting within a gold standard CQC-regulated framework

How it Works - Protect

Find out more

We can either organise a session to take you through the platform or you can come to one of our weekly drop-in sessions.

If you are interested, please click the button below, and we’ll get in touch.

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