Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis, Certificate in Supervision, EMDR Accredited Training

Therapeutic Approach

TA, Relational, EMDR (specialist)

Membership body

BACP (Accred.)

Years practicing

17 years

Issues worked with

Aspergers, Attachment issues, Bereavement, Childhood abuse, Drugs, Gambling, Gaming, Bipolar, Physical abuse, Sex, Sexual abuse, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Refugees and displacement, Alcohol, Cancer, Domestic abuse, Emotional abuse, Family issues, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic or acute health conditions, Anger, Grief, Rape/sexual assault, Loss, PTSD, Self-esteem, Trauma.

Special interest areas

Trauma can caused be a single incident - a crash or death - but more often it is experienced and many smaller incidents that happen over time. This is accumulative trauma and can go undetected or be dismissed as each episode is too small to "bother with" but it can lead to panic attacks, anxiety, depression and debilitating effects on leading a normal life and to enjoyment of everyday things. It is possible to recover from trauma and have a full, enabled life. I also have a special interest in childhood neglect. .

Personal Statement

Therapy begins with the relationship between client and therapist, the client brings the material and together we form an alliance to create the life changes they wish to make. Each step is agreed as clarity in the work creates trust, while support gives the security and solidity clients need to take the work to the next step. Transactional Analysis helps clients to distinguish between their childhood and adult experiences while EMDR works to alleviate the "charge" of feelings created from the memories of trauma.