Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic Approach


Membership body


Years practicing

11 years

Issues worked with

Attachment issues, Bereavement, Childhood abuse, Personal growth/wellbeing, Social anxiety, Stress, Emotional abuse, Depression, Trauma, Work-related issues, Complex Grief, Menopause, Grief/Loss, Academic Stress, Adjustment/Changes, Confidence/Self-esteem, Divorce, Family issues/relationships, Illness in the family, Low/Depressed Mood, University Pressures (non-academic).

Special interest areas

I have particular experience of working with adults struggling with bereavement, anxiety, depression and adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Personal Statement

There are several therapeutic approaches, including Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Gestalt, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I combine the benefits of different therapeutic models to work with the needs of each individual and their unique circumstances. I also incorporate the use of images and free writing which can help unlock and express feelings that are difficult to describe in words.

My approach aims to increase self-esteem and to trust that one’s inner feelings and experiences are valuable sources of information. Working in this way can help clients to make decisions with an increased ability to learn from (rather than repeating), mistakes. This includes a focus on how unconscious thoughts and perceptions from childhood affect current thoughts and behaviours. My clients can expect me to provide a collaborative and non-judgemental space in therapy so they can explore their thoughts and feelings at their own pace.