MSc Transactional Analysis, Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling, EMDR

Therapeutic Approach


Membership body

BACP (Accred.)

Years practicing

15 years

Issues worked with

Rape/sexual assault, Self-harm, Phobias, Self-esteem, Chronic or acute health conditions, PTSD, Trauma, Grief, Disordered eating, Anxiety, Loss, Bullying, Depression, Anger, OCD, Abuse, Personal growth/wellbeing, Bereavement, Attachment issues, Stress, Social anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, Loneliness.

Special interest areas

I have particular experience with Workplace Bullying, as well as treatment of Trauma with EMDR.

Personal Statement

As your counsellor, I see my role as something of a guide on your personal journey – I may not know the road you are travelling but I know how to handle the terrain and I make sure you are equipped for the journey. 


I will work with you to promote greater understanding of the issue that is distressing you.  I don’t give advice and I don’t know what is best for you, but I do believe that we are all intrinsically okay and that we all know the solution to our problems.  It might involve some learning and some challenge, and you may find it emotionally exhausting. But over time you will gain insight and with that you will gain confidence to change your responses and behaviour giving you greater peace of mind.