Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Imago Relationship Therapist

Therapeutic Approach


Membership body

BACP (Accred.)

Years practicing

13 years

Issues worked with

Attachment issues, Bereavement, Personal growth/wellbeing, Social anxiety, Stress, Bullying, Depression, Anger, Anxiety (Worries, Fears, Panic), Grief/Loss, Romantic Relationships, Spirituality/Religion, Confidence/Self-esteem.

Special interest areas

I specialise in helping individuals overcome anxiety and anger issues and couples counselling to improve relationships. .

Personal Statement

My approach is integrative which allows me to create an individual approach to help you move forward to create positive change. Below are a few examples of how I can help.

1) Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety comes from underlying fear. To overcome it, we need to understand what the fear is and what is causing it. Sometimes it can be based on illusory thinking, where a person focuses on the worst case scenario coming true. These thoughts need to be challenged so we can eliminate them. When the fear is a real one, it needs to be confronted by taking appropriate action.

2) Couple  Counselling

Couples often experience a breakdown of communication, that causes a fight and flight reaction. These may become repetitive cycle were anger expressed spins out of control. A reduction of emotional closeness, trust and physical intimacy follows which can lead to crises in the relationship. Together we explore how you can get the relationship you want. A key to this is building open and calm communication in order to understand each other, resolve conflict and meet each others needs. We also focus on building greater appreciation and care to reignite love and connection.

3) Anger Management

With anger management a person gains understanding into what’s triggering the anger and how to change the way you respond. This can be by expressing feelings in a healthy way, and taking appropriate steps to solve the underlying cause of the anger. In each case anger management is tailored to the needs of the clients.