MSc Counselling with a Specialisation in Clinical Mental Health Counselling

Therapeutic Approach

Counselling, Family Therapy, Group

Membership body


Years practicing

5 years

Issues worked with

Attachment issues, Bereavement, Cultural identity, Health anxiety, Mood instability, Personal growth/wellbeing, Social anxiety, Spirituality, Loneliness, Stress, Emotional abuse, Family issues, Fertility and pregnancy, Anxiety, Bullying, Depression, Disordered eating, Grief, LGBTQ+, Parenting, Sexual identity, Loss, PTSD, Relationships, Self-esteem, Trauma, Work-related issues, Gender identity, Complex Grief, Menopause, Family/Couples/Relationship Issues.

Special interest areas

I specialise in Single-Session Therapy and One-At-A-Time Therapy: this allows you to explore an issue that you would like help with right away, and follow-up at your pace; as more help is available. I am trained to practise Individual Talk Therapy, Ecotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Therapy with children and families; and I work through a Humanistic, compassion-based lens. My passion is in holistic mental health recovery pathways based on theory, science, and research - delivered through kindness. I am committed to trauma-informed practices in counselling.

Personal Statement

I provide therapy to meet your needs whether you prefer brief counselling, session-by-session therapy, or open-ended psychotherapy.

Begin your journey of change today with a Single Session by choosing 'Single-Session Therapy' (SST).

Follow through with session-by-session therapy at your own pace - or embark on an open-ended journey of therapy for as long as you choose.

My promise is to provide a positive and genuine opportunity for you to benefit from the experience of therapeutic counselling.


About Me

My background is in Philosophy and Fine Arts, Education, and Jungian-based Analytical Psychology influenced by Eastern thought, Literature, Ecotherapy, Cultural Anthropology, Social Justice, and Narrative Therapy-based practices. 

My professional counsellor training was onsite at Sebastian Family Psychology Practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Trained by esteemed leaders and change-makers in the international field of counseling; I continue to be guided in my clinical work by a team of excellent clinical mental health experts.

Awarded a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from Prescott College in Arizona, and registered with the NCPS, I am currently the Clinical Director of Humble Mouse Counselling and active in many international professional organizations such as: the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) and the Alliance for Peace Building (AfP).

“The journey is the destination... I will meet you there!” - Anikó