Welcome to our covid resources space

Our hand-picked professionals are ready to help you if you have had Covid or have been been impacted the illness and the changes it has brought ot all of our lives.

therapists group

Each of our team is highly experienced, and is registered or accredited.

Each believes in the benefits of online therapy. And as a group they are comfortable in a range of languages and cultural settings.

Long Covid

Coping with the after-effects of Covid-19 can be gruelling.

The cycle of recovery and relapse can leave you questioning when you will feel better and get back to normal.

Worse, many are at risk of feeling depressed if you don’t have support networks at hand of feel that you are not believed by friends, colleagues, family or doctors.

Our therapists can provide the extra support you need during your recovery from long Covid.

General help with Covid

The impact of covid and restrictions on social contact are impacting people in many different ways.

Talking to a specialist can really help you to make sense of these strange times we are all experiencing.